To atmosphere a place, to structure spaces

Jardins Concept Monaco is a wide range of services intended for all the missions of a landscape designer architect. We can study, plan and carry out your project while also intervening in the monitoring of the progress of the work. Jardins Concept Monaco supports you throughout the project implementation process. We can also work in partnership with renowned French Riviera landscape designers if you wish.

Some of our specialties:

  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Experience
  • Technicality

It is important for us to highlight here our eco-responsible environmental philosophy.

We work primarily in the Principality of Monaco and the Côte d´Azur.

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Learn more about being a landscaper

The landscaper intervenes in many areas that affect the everyday life of everyone: for example, it can design a kindergarten or a park for a municipality, it can also greening and flowering around a new real estate program,he can also offer his services to imagine the green spaces bordering a motorway… and this list is of course not exhaustive.

Experience is not the least of the qualities necessary for such good practice, and the knowledge required is numerous: the landscaper must be interested in management,have a solid background in horticulture and Architecture. These experiences and knowledge will save him and his clients many setbacks during complex projects. Its preferred partners in the case of these projects will be urban planners and engineers. It will be up to the landscaper to draw and propose a landscape project through sketches and plans.


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Who are we?

Jardins Concept, a company based in Monaco, guarantees know-how and expertise in landscaping. Our ability to mobilize our network of architects and technical design offices is an assurance for our clients. The competence and technicality of our partners, both in the field of plant engineering and other skills related to this field, will be a plus in the case of more complex projects.


Our offer is aimed specifically at:

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Hotel Groups
  • Individuals
  • Communities
  • Architects and other Masters of Works


We carry out the studies in plans and images of your landscaping projects:

  • from sketch to project
  • to carry out technical execution files
  • planning, programming and monitoring work
  • control of financial costs.


We also carry out landscape studies to:

  • building permits, prior declarations of work…
  • diagnoses
  • feasibility studies, and impact studies